June 22, 2018

Smog Check $28.99

2208 N. MAIN ST. STE B

Santa Ana, CA 92706

Tel: 714-542-9400

STAR Test Only smog center

MON-FRI 8-6 SAT 8-4
http://www.santaanasmogtest.com/ Go to smog station web site
Mobile: 714-542-9400

Can certify gross polluters

STAR Stations

$28.99 Smog Check with Smog Coupon

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Smog Check

  • All DMV Smog Checks
  • Diesel Smog Check
  • Smog Test Only
  • Smog Check All Vehicles
  • STAR Smog Check

Why Smog Testing at EZ Auto Smog Test?

  • Cheap Smog Check
  • No appointments needed
  • No lengthy paperwork and no long lines; just quick, accurate and affordable smogs!
  • ASE trained, and state certified to inspect vehicles requiring all types of smog checks, test only, regular smog Tests

Smog Location:

Cross Streets: Between W Buffalo Ave and W Santa Clara Ave

Shopping in Historic Downtown Santa Ana (listed in the National Register of Historic Places) is a far different experience than boutique shopping a few miles south at MainPlace Shopping Mall where Arnold Schwarzenneger ran through the halls in a chase scene filmed in the movie Kindergarten Cop some years ago. Downtown Santa Ana is comprised of a 70% + Hispanic population and reflects the cultural preferences for foods, clothing and entertainment that audience seeks. Bustling shops near Main Street and the numbered streets 2nd, 3rd & 4th include window displays with Spanish written on them. EZ Auto Smog Test Only is located in N. Main Street. Shop workers often pitch their wares at the door to a shop, attempting to lure people in to purchase clothing, watches, bicycles and a variety of foods and gift items. http://www.smogchecksantaana.com/
EZ AUTO TEST ONLY is smog Test Only center located in Santa Ana, CA. We can smog check, smog test, smog inspect and certify all Test Only, smog check, smog test, smog inspect all sizes and types of vehicles, ranging from automobiles to SUV’s, pick-up trucks, Vans, larger trucks, all diesels, and all RV‘s.

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Direction to the Smog Center Go to smog station web site

EZ AUTO TEST ONLY-Smog Check $28.99 EZ AUTO TEST ONLY-Smog Check $28.99
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