April 22, 2018

$29.75 Smog Check in Woodland Hills

20900 ventura Blvd. Suite A

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Tel: 818-888-8765

STAR Test Only smog center

Mon - Sat 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
http://www.smogcheckwoodlandhills.com/ Go to smog station web site
Star  Certified Station 
We are located at Shell Station Corner of De Soto & Ventura Blvd

Our technicians are here to assist you when it comes to your vehicles smog test only diagnosis.


Why Smog Test at our STAR Station?
  • STAR certification
  • We Smog Test all cars
  • Diesel Smog Checks
  • DMV Renewal Smog Test
  • Gross Polluter Certification
  • Out of State Smog Checks
  • Regular Smog Inspection
  • Test Only Smog Inspection
  • We are proud of our Customer service
  • No repairs no rip-off!
  • Easy access, room for parking
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$29.75 STAR Smog Check get coupon: $29.75 STAR Smog Check

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AA Smog Test Only-$29.75 Smog Check in Woodland Hills AA Smog Test Only-$29.75 Smog Check in Woodland Hills
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